Grand Rounds XXI is now available

I have to admit, when it appeared screwed me up a little bit, but Grand Rounds showed up yesterday, many hours early, as Sumer is posting it from India. That means my Grand Rounds plug is later than usual relative to when Grand Rounds was actually posted. (As a surgeon, I tend to pride myself on getting a link to Grand Rounds up very early in the morning on Tuesdays, usually before most others.) The good news, though, is that those of you who frequent Sumer's blog could enjoy the best of the medical blogosphere many hours before the normal time it is usually posted.

In the meantime, because this week is rather busy and I haven't composed much (damn my day job for interfering with my blogging!), I'll think I'll post a few more photos from my foray into NYC over the weekend to see The Gates. Don't worry, Respectful Insolence isn't going to turn into a photoblog (I'm not a good enough photographer that people will want to see me posting photos every day anyway, although my father probably is); the more substantive blogging my readers crave--nay, demand from me--will recommence shortly. It's just that I don't feel I'm truly blogging if I don't post something every day, even if it's a short link/quote plus comment. I won't go so far as to post crap rather than nothing (well, not most of the time, anyway); but I do try not to let a weekday go by without posting something... It can't always be scintillating pieces of prose like my recent Dresden post, my recent submission to the aforementioned Grand Rounds, or even my discussion of cancer denial. No, sometimes even I, Orac, must recharge the batteries.

Fortunately, I have the beauty of these additional pictures. I hope you like them too...

Billowing in the wind

A single gate

A row of gates

More gates

View from across a pond


  1. Why is it, that when I saw this on the news, I thought it was the most absurd thing I'd seen in a long time.

    But when I saw it from the perspective of someone whom I read their writings every week, if not every day, it seemed facinating???

    I guess, perception is everything..

  2. I've only just found your blog, and wanted to say thank you for posting these photos. I've read both pro and anti (mostly anti) comments about The Gates, but seeing them like this allows me to decide for myself. Personally, I think they're beautiful - a great way to brighten up February (generally something of a dull, even depressing month) - and tantalising. Gates to what, exactly? New perspectives? A new perception of our surroundings? Something more obvious - or more obscure?
    And the exhibition is free! How can people complain about something that's free?
    I wish I could see them in person.


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