Time flies...and another Skeptics' Circle approaches!

It seems like just yesterday that it was my turn to host the Skeptics' Circle. It was a lot of fun and turned out far better than I had hoped. I plan on doing it again someday, perhaps in several months, to let others have a chance to show what they can do with it. But the baton has now been passed to Radagast, who will host the Third Skeptics' Circle on Thursday, March 3. So help Radagast keep the Circle improving. Send him an example of your best skeptical blogging at rhosgobel2 at comcast dot net.

And if you're interested in hosting sometime, check out the Skeptics' Circle Archive Site to see what dates are open and contact St. Nate, the Founder of the Skeptics' Circle at saint_nate at hotmail dot com.


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