Grand Rounds XXII has been posted

Grand Rounds XXII has now been posted at Catallarchy. Once again, the best of the week from the medical blogosphere is on display.

And those of you who are fans of blog carnivals and happened to have found your way to my humble blog by way of Grand Rounds, may I be so bold as to direct you to the Skeptics' Circle, hosted on this very blog last Thursday? It's a biweekly blog carnival for skeptical thinking about quackery, the paranormal, pseudoscience, and a variety of other issues. The first session was hosted two weeks ago by St. Nate, and the archive and schedule for future Skeptics' Circle sessions can be found here.

And for the skeptics out there who can't wait more than a week for some more skeptical skewerings, The Guardian's Observer kindly debunks The 10 Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Myths.


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