Weekend fluff, part 1

Regular readers (all two dozen of them) of this blog know that on weekends I tend to prefer to stick to lighter (even frivolous) material, with the exception of days that have special signficance and on which I want to post more serious material, such as two weeks ago.

In that spirit, here we go. I still don't know if I believe this, but apparently I'm a shameless seeker of fame. I suppose it's possible, given my shameless promotion of my blog, which has resulted in its staggering success and massively increased hit count compared to, say, its hit count in November. (Hint: This blog didn't exist in November.)


  1. Thank you for the diversion ... I'm supposed to be resting not computering ... but ... the computer monster has me trapped.

    This quiz says I'm Shindlers List ...



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