"Women will get sterile just looking at you..."

OK, this is nasty and vicious, and it hits a little too close to home as far as this geekboy and former Star Wars fanatic, who saw two out of the last three original movies on the first show of the first day they came out, goes.

But it's damned funny, too.


  1. harsh.. but i couldn't help but laugh at a few. we never believe we're as dorky as that other guy ;)


  2. I'm sympathetic to the conventioneers (being a tribble-wearer myself), but the American Flag Stormtrooper was deeply disturbing. And some of the rest of it was funny, too.

  3. I'm sympathetic to them as well, which is why I said that the snarky insults hit a little too close to home...

  4. You need to find Triumph the insult comic dog interviewing these guys. Vicious and hysterical. Maybe you were there that day Orac???? hehehe

    Crazy Phoreignor

  5. No, but I do own the DVD of The Best of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. The segment in which Triumph hangs out among the Star Wars faithful waiting for the opening of the second prequel is utterly hilarious. That segment alone is worth the price of the DVD. In fact, that DVD is probably the best DVD investment I've made in years...


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