A record number of hits per day yesterday, 438!

(OK, I realize some blogs get that many hits in a five minutes, but the trend continues upward.)


  1. Know that your work is appreciated! I check in every working day, and will continue to to so as long as you can keep up steam:)

  2. I was lured here by effective comment spam over at St. Nates. :)
    Didn't take long for you to get bookmarked.

  3. The Site Meter is at the very bottom of the sidebar on the left of the web page, after the list of all my links.

    Also, I don't expect such a high number of hits to continue for long. Before this spike, I had been averaging 100-200 hits/day and was expecting around 4,000-5,000 hits over the course of the month. The number's slowly increasing, but, barring some big blog like Instapundit or Powerline "discovering" me and linking to me, I doubt it will reach an average of over 400/day for some time to come--assuming, of course, that the hit rate doesn't level off before it gets that high.

    As long as I have a decent-sized stable of regular readers, I'm happy, though.

  4. More than enough to keep me going for now!

  5. I read as often as I can. Do you read the blogs of your readers (if you will)?

  6. Of course I do, although not all of them regularly. (I also only know the identities of a few of my regular readers who have blogs.)

    Of course, posting a comment to my blog with a link to one's own blog almost always succeeds in getting me to check that blog out at least once...


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