Awaiting the Skeptics Circle

I was rechecking my tax returns last night in preparation for mailing them out on Friday. (I believe in doing my return the old-fashioned way when I owe money and sending in a paper check by mail on the last possible day.) So I didn't have time to write anything last night to post on the blog this morning. Consequently, today's blogging will be light, with no further comments on Vox Day's reactionary advocacy of denying women the right to vote (at least not now). But do look forward to later today, when the Socratic Gadfly will post his turn at hosting the Skeptics' Circle (at which point I'll post a plug).

In the meantime...

Even though I'm not a big fan of cats, I do like kittens; so even I couldn't resist this.

Even though I tend to find militant radical animal rights activists laughable, I find this tasteless in the extreme, even if (as I suspect) it is meant as a hoax to tweak them. It doesn't help that it sounds like a scam. If it were funny, that would be one thing, but even my sometimes sick sense of humor doesn't allow me to laugh at this.


  1. I don't see anything wrong with savetoby. It's not intentionally disgusting like bonsaikitten. If you try to go to the "donate" links, you get a bad link (and you always have, for that matter.) And I think it's funny, because it's playing off people's sense of self-righteous hypocrisy--like, they'll complain about street bums and refuse to think about Africa, while they send death threats to a guy who he says that he's going to eat a rabbit. (Things like Punk'd or Jamie Kennedy Experiment, on the other hand, piss me off because they're screwing with people's well-meant but misplaced good intentions.)

  2. Save Toby is a hoax.

    But I love the screen cleaner!

  3. It's not that funny, but mainly because the same shtick has been done before, and better. For example, Car & Driver magazine did it years ago. It was funny then. It's sophomoric now.

  4. >It's not that funny, but mainly
    >because the same shtick has been
    >done before, and better. For
    >example, Car & Driver magazine
    >did it years ago. It was funny
    >then. It's sophomoric now.

    I wasn't reading Car & Driver years ago (in point of fact I'm not reading it now, and that state of affairs is likely to continue.) Something that is amusing can be appreciated on its own merits, and the fact that it's been done before doesn't mean that is isn't funny still. Or should we stop watching Monty Python's "Life Of Brian" because we've already seen it once?

    Besides, "National Lampoon" did it before "Car & Driver", so nyah.

  5. I should make a "donate or I will eat a baby" page. That should make some waves ;)

  6. I also wait until the last day to send in my paper form, especially when I owe money.

    Of course, if I'm going to get a refund, I e-file as early as possible.


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