Off to Anaheim

I'm off to Anaheim for the AACR Meeting, along with around 15,000 other cancer researchers. It's my favorite cancer meeting, because there's usually a good mix of basic and clinical science and almost everyone who is anyone in the world of cancer research will be there. (I just wish it weren't in Southern California, as I hate the long flight it takes to get there.) Unfortunately, I won't be giving a talk there, but I will be presenting a poster (along with around 3,000 others).

For those of you who may have gotten used to my rather frantic blogging pace over the last week (a bit of an aberration from my usual), my trip means one of two things. Either blogging will be light to nonexistent until later next week (if I run into a lot of people I know and hang out with them every night) or it may be more or less normal (if I end up spending a lot of boring time in a hotel room in a strange city after the daily meeting sessions). I guess you'll just have to keep checking back periodically to see which it is. I do have a couple of things in the hopper that I've already written, though, which I'll probably post while I'm in Anaheim. One thing that could be good for the blog is very likely though. The meeting should provide me with some good raw material for medicine and science blogging to use when I get back. (I'll take notes.) If I'm really lucky, it may provide me with Part 2 of this series, which I started at the last scientific meeting that I attended.

In my absence, feel free to peruse "Essential Orac" (on the sidebar), particularly if you're new to Respectful Insolence.


  1. Ahh man! No fair! I have a friend who's gone to Anaheim for another conference this week.

    It's all my son is talking about because he's going next summer.

    I grew up in California, but haven't been back in 11 years.

    then again, I don't know that Anaheim would be my choice ... it's the mountains I miss ...growing up near Yosemite National Park ...I just can't find anything like Half Dome in Oklahoma.


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