Debunking cancer myths

Here's a nice article debunking a number of cancer myths. It's good to see the mainstream press occasionally publishing such interviews, rather than the usual glowing puff pieces they all too often like to publish about various alternative medicine "cures."

It makes some nice additional reading to check out after this week's Skeptics' Circle!

(Thanks to St. Nate for pointing this one out.)


  1. I hesitate to ask, as I know you are extremely busy, but the article you reference says that Hep C can be passed through sexual intercourse. Has that been confirmed? (I ask because my husband has had Hep C since before we were married, we think, although it wasn't diagnosed until after: he's currently on his second year-long course of pegilated interferon and ribarivin medication, and I need to know if I should be concerned for myself and our young son.)


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