Grand Rounds XXIX

It's Tuesday, which means it must be time for Grand Rounds.

Grand Rounds XXIX has been posted by one of my favorite Emergency Medicine bloggers, Gruntdoc. Go forth, and peruse the best offerings of the medical blogosphere this week. (And I'm in there too, but, please, don't let that keep you from checking it out.)

Naturally, being the Emergency Medicine doc that he is, Gruntdoc has featured a post by a nursing student about a rather disgusting incident that happened recently, variations of which have also happened to many of us doctors, including me, at one time or another. (Hey, I thought blogging about feces was something for a surgeon--like me--to do.) It almost inspires me to blog about similar things that have happened to me over the years, but, for the sake of my readers, I think I'll restrain myself--for now.


  1. I don't do surgery, so I can't blog about it. I guess I sort of have to stick with what I know. ;)

    I actually work in the ICU as a tech besides being a graduating nursing student, so I see a lot of interesting things, but I'm still learning about most of them. I posted that story because the three people I had the guts to tell it to laughed so hard they cried. :P


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