Last call for Tangled Bank!

This is the last call for submissions to Tangled Bank, the biweekly opportunity for science bloggers to showcase their best. I like what I've received so far, but there's always room for some more good science blogging. I'm guessing that most science bloggers out there tend to be procrastinators like me and wait until a day or two before Tangled Bank to submit their work. (Yes, I admit that I have been guilty of this myself not infrequently, as some past hosts know.)

Well, time's really running out now, with less than a day to go until the deadline. So, please, no more procrastinating. Lay those submissions on me today. Or, if you like, you can send submissions to or PZ. The deadline will be 9 PM EDST tonight. (I don't want to be up too late getting the carnival all ready to post before I leave for work tomorrow morning.) Late submissions (if there are any) might be incorporated at the discretion of the host (me), but only if I haven't finished putting the carnival together yet when I receive them and can find a way to work them in. More likely they will be forwarded to the next host.


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