Tangled Bank is one year old!

While bored in my hotel room this morning, having finished packing for the return trip back to the East Coast, I was idly wasting time with some friendly sparring with PZ in the comments sections of two of his predictably critical posts about the new Pope, one in which he makes much of Cardinal Ratzinger's (now Pope Benedictine's) having once belonged to the Hitler Youth and worked in antiaircraft batteries (never mind that every German boy of that age had to join; joining the Hitler Youth was mandatory beginning in 1938, the year Ratzinger turned 11 and never mind that nearly every 17- or 18-year old German boy was drafted into digging tank traps, manning antiaircraft guns, or other war-related activities by 1944 and 1945, as Germany collapsed on both fronts) and another making much of an apparently anti-evolution comment Ratzinger once made (never mind that it's really pretty similar to Pope John Paul II's comments in 1995 that biological evolution is not incompatible with Catholic doctrine; the difference is more in tone, not substance), I realized something.

No, it wasn't that I should be using that time posting pearls to the comments section in PZ's blog to compose more pearls of wisdom to post to my own blog.

It was that PZ's brainchild, Tangled Bank, is a year old, and its 26th edition is being hosted by Circadiana today. So, while I'm spending several hours flying back to the East Coast, head on over there for the best scientific blogging in the blogosphere.

Join the celebration and thank PZ for having set it up and for continuing to organize it!


  1. No, no one said you can't say anything bad about the Pope. Everyone quite properly erupted because it was an obviously cheap shot one line snark that in essence called the Pope a Nazi. Whatever your other complaints about him, he was not a Nazi. In fact, his family was against Nazi-ism and Ratzinger has said that he viewed the Church as the last bulwark that could offer any resistance to Nazi-ism.

  2. Orac, I've been looking forward to a substantial post on what you think of the new pope. Will one be forthcoming? I'm also curious as to what you think of the church's line on prophylactics, especially vis-a-vis the spread of aids - and how that sits with you as both a catholic and a scientist. Given that Benedict/Ratzinger is unlikely to reverse that verdict in any great rush...


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