I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!

I was going over my Sitemeter logs last night when I noticed a bunch of referrals from Majikthise and Kung Fu Monkey (whose tagline, "Because your monkey's Kung Fu is not strong," I happen to really like and whose post I Miss Republicans I mentioned a while back as being right in line with how I became disillusioned with today's Republican Party). It looks like both have plugged humble Orac, Kung Fu Monkey in his new links (although I'm not sure I'm as much of a "smart guy" as he says) and Majikthise in reference to my posts on the Taran Francis case. Where I dwelt on the medical and patient care issues of the case, specifically the medical and legal implications of brain death and how ill-advised I thought the legal action taken by the family was (even though I realized how devastated the family must be), Majikthise focused on a different aspect, wondering whether the hospital would have treated Taran's family better if he hadn't been poor. (It's an aspect I didn't address specifically, mainly because, having been involved in a few cases like this as a resident on the trauma service, I know that it can be hard to figure out whether the hospital was truly that insensitive or whether the family is in denial because of the tragedy. But she does make a good point, if the account in the New York Post of how the hospital delivered the information to the family is accurate.)

Anyway, thanks to both, and I like your blogs, too.

I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!


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