A note to Orac-philes: future topics

Over the weekend and the next week, I'll finish a couple of posts I had started while in Anaheim on but failed to finish due to Blogger's being down for "scheduled maintenance" last night and begin a few more.

Topics presently in the pipeline include a followup to my post on people who ask questions at talks; possibly a word or two about the new Pope and the controversy over his having briefly been a member of the Hitler Youth; a post that I had wanted to post today about how not to persuade an alternative medicine believer that the therapy she is talking about is probably quackery (based on a personal experience--and screwup--at the AACR Meeting); a series of posts on some of the coolest new cancer research; a post or two on my own area of interest, tumor angiogenesis; and, of course, a post or two on the impending 60th anniversary of the fall of Berlin and Hitler's death. I may even briefly muscle in a bit on the territory of Bioethics Dude, given that he's cutting back his posting frequency and that I attended a symposium at the AACR on conflicts of interest, but it could be a couple of weeks or more before I get to that.

Oh, and I still have to do the book meme that Hedwig invited me to do last Saturday. (Sorry, Hedwig, but I was out of town and therefore not checking most of the blogs I usually do. I didn't see it until the other day.

There, that ought to keep this blog filled for at least another couple of months...


  1. AH, so you did see that. Tres coolio. I was going to post it to everyone's blog at a good time (meaning that the author was talking about "not serious" things). I have since realized that might take awhile for some of the people I want to "meme" because they are gone most of the time. fweh!

    I look forward to your response!


  2. When I'm away, if I have Internet access, I'll check my own blog and e-mail, and even post some stuff to my blog while I'm bored in a hotel room. However, my surfing of other people's blogs goes way down, to close to zero. If I don't have high speed Internet access, even the checking of my own e-mail and blog will almost cease.


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