The History Carnival #6

The schedule and abstracts for the History Carnival #6 have been published at Cliopatra:
History Carnival #6: Conference Program

Speeches (opening and closing) will be in the Droning Auditorium. Panels will be in the Alumni Donor Memorial Classroom. Poster Session will be in the big Theory Hall; Mini-Panels will meet on the left end of Theory Hall, unless the participants refuse to appear together. Papal Working Group will meet in secret. Titles are approximate (as are names, in some cases) and subject to change without notice; liberties have been taken, mostly for the sake of clarity. The vast majority of conferees who did not submit abstracts in advance are hereby ordered to attend anyway, by the power vested in me....
Check it out.

Unfortunately, my latest abstract was submitted too late for consideration.


  1. Look again. I think you'll find it's in there... ;)

  2. No, he's right. Buchenwald made it into this one; Bergen-Belsen's going to have to go in the next one.

  3. Oops, my confusion. (I was a bit tired yesterday evening...)

  4. Of course, perhaps I could come up with something better than the Bergen-Belsen paper by then. After all, the 60th anniversary of Hitler's suicide and the fall of Berlin will soon be upon us...


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