Calling all skeptics! It's Friday the 13th!

Time's flying much faster than you might think. It's Friday the 13th, making it a perfectly appropriate date to point out that the next meeting of the Skeptics' Circle is fast approaching. It's the perfect forum to debunk superstitions (such as Friday the 13th), apply critical thinking to urban legends, and point out pseudoscience and quackery. So fire up your critical thinking and get your best skeptical blogging to Sean at Skeptic Rant. The deadline is next Wednesday, January 18, and the Circle will appear the next day on Thursday, January 19.

As always, I'm also going to take this opportunity to make an appeal for volunteers to host future editions of the Circle. If you think you might be interested, drop me an e-mail. For more information, the schedule is posted here, and additional guidelines can be found here. Come on, skeptics, here's your chance to strut your critical thinking skills, either by submtting your work to the Circle or by hosting a Circle yourself!

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