Important safety tips when dealing with Jack Bauer

As planned, I checked out the season premiere of 24 last night. So far, so good. In previous seasons, it sometimes took too much time to get the action going, but this year started out full throttle almost right away.

As expected President Palmer was assassinated, but what wasn't expected was seeing Michelle Dessler get blown up by a car bomb (and Tony Almeida be critically wounded by the same bomb) minutes later. Given that three of the four people who knew that Jack Palmer was still alive were attacked in the first 10 minutes or so of the show, apparently in order to frame Jack, this started things out well, although I really hated to see Michelle buy it. It has also led to these Important Safety tips:
  1. Do Not Assassinate Friends of Jack Bauer
  2. Do Not Threaten to Kill Friends of Jack Bauer

.....Tips continued here.


  1. Can someone please explain to me why a trained professional, Michelle, is now dead, and yet the ever-annoying Kim, whose only talent is getting into trouble, still lives and, reprotedly, will make an appearance about halfway through the new "day?"

  2. Could it be because Kim's main talent is for getting into trouble? Her character provides grist for "Perils of Pauline"-type situations.

  3. A treat for the 24 fans:

  4. 4 of 24 hours gone in two nights. That leaves 20 more hours without sleep, food, or a bathroom break. I think Keifer has been clinically dead and revived more as Jack Bauer than his roles in Flatliners and the Lost Boys combined.

  5. you know that show is a right-wing 9/11 wallowfest, right?

    if that show hadn't been on television, we wouldn't be having the stupid "ticking time bomb" argument in regard to torture, because no one would believe those situations actually occur, like they show on the teevee.

    by watching, you're encouraging the pro-fear morons who make it.

  6. Give me a freakin' break here. 24 started weeks after 9/11, which meant the first season was in production before 9/11. And do you really think that the "ticking timebomb" argument was invented in or even popularized by 24?

    You watch your TV shows; I'll watch mine.

  7. I like Steve Colbert's take on the ticking timebomb thing:

    And while we're at it, the girl next door, Kim:


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