The Twenty-sixth Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle

It's that time again. The Twenty-sixth Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle has been posted at Skeptic Rant, and Sean has done a great job gathering the best blogging devoted to skepticism and critical thinking. He's even gone so far as to create an über-cool Flash animation to lead the reader to the posts in the Circle, thus going above and beyond the call of duty as a host. (I wish I knew how to make Flash animations like that.)

It occurs to me, though. This latest Circle represents the last Skeptics' Circle of its first year. It's been an eventful first year, ever since the very First Skeptics' Circle was hosted by its creator, Saint Nate, to my reluctant assumption of the duties of organizing the Circle when Nate retired from blogging. The next edition, to be hosted on February 2 by Prometheus at Photon in the Darkness, will represent the first Skeptics' Circle of its second year of existence, and I'm urging everyone to help Prometheus get the second year of the Skeptics' Circle off to a great start by sending him your best stuff by a deadline on February 1 to be announced by Prometheus.

Yes, last year was a great year for the Circle, despite its upheaval last summer. I want make its second year even better than the first, but I need your help. Consequently, I'm putting out an appeal for bloggers who might be interested in hosting their very own Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle. If you think you have what it takes to host a Skeptics' Circle that would make The Amazing Randi or Michael Shermer proud, drop me a line at We're booked through April, but I'd like to get the rest of the spring taken care of and start working on lining up hosts for the early summer.


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