Pat Robertson apologizes (sort of)

Pat Robertson, he of the "God struck Sharon down for 'dividing' His land" comments earlier this month, has apologized, sort of:
The US TV evangelist Pat Robertson has apologised to the family of Israel's prime minister, Ariel Sharon, for suggesting that his stroke was God's punishment for withdrawing from Gaza.

In a letter to Mr Sharon's son, Omri, Mr Robertson said his remarks derived from his "concern for the future safety of your nation". But he admitted they were insensitive "in light of a national grief experienced because of your father's illness".
Note that Robertson didn't say he was wrong, just that he was sorry for saying what he said.

I wonder if Robertson's apology has anything to do with this:
The Israeli government is pulling out of a business deal with the American evangelical leader Pat Robertson, after he said Ariel Sharon's stroke was punishment by God for withdrawing from the Gaza strip.

Mr Robertson and the Israeli tourism ministry were shortly to have signed an agreement to fund a $50m (£28m) Christian heritage centre on the shore of the Sea of Galilee.

But the ministry said the deal would not go ahead after Mr Robertson's comments on his popular television show in which he suggested that Mr Sharon had been made to suffer for "dividing God's land".
Or this:
Avi Hartuv, a spokesman for Israel's tourism minister, said officials were furious about the remarks.

"We will not do business with him - only with other evangelicals who don't back these comments," he said. "We will do business with other evangelical leaders, friends of Israel, but not with him."
Could Pat's apology represent an attempt to salvage the deal?

Nahh. Couldn't be. Pat Robertson is a man of God. (At least, that's what he claims.) Business concerns couldn't make him backtrack on core beliefs, could they?

Of course not.


  1. Yeah, because that loony idea for a theme park would have been so lucrative. "C'mon kids! We're going to Jesusland!"

    Robertson's stupid mouth just saved him a boatload of money.

  2. I love those apologies where you say you're sorry but not for what you did.

    "I'm sorry you're so upset" is not an apology.


  3. what ever happened to a vow of silence. . . i would love for someone to say "god told me to shut up."

  4. You know, Robertson really reminds me of a background part off of one of the songs on Queensryche's "Mindcrime" album:

    "God the Holy Ghost is calling out to embrace you. I want you to reach deeeep into your hearts and your pocketbooks... and take His hand."

  5. Watch for Robertson's new book, "The Art of the Holy Deal."

    PS: Wasn't he also involved in the mining of "blood diamonds" in Africa? Or was it another American Holy Man?

  6. Yeah, it was Pat Robertson; dealing with the 'Christian' (and amazingly dodgy) Charles Taylor. And funneling diamond-mining kit to Zaire's tyrant Mobutu. Googling says it all.

    He really is a piece of work, isn't he?

  7. Robert$on may have saved some bucks on the theme park in the Holy Land, but, he might just come back to the USA and open one in the Bible Belt...and finance his Jihad even better than before.

    As for the quality of his "apology" kids have been taught that the only real apology is correcting the behavior and not doing it again.


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