EneMan belatedly rings in the New Year

I know, I know, I've been remiss. However, it just didn't seem right to post the now-traditional first-of-the-month post given what was going on around the 1st. So I held off.

It's time to get back to normal. As a hint of what the theme of this year will be, I present:

EneMonths 2006 cover

Yes, this year, EneMan will be traveling through time to participate in various historical events. Some of them will undoubtedly surprise you. (This also gives me an idea for hosting the History Carnival, but I bet even Sharon won't go for it.)

First on the list, I bet you never knew that EneMan was at Mt. Everest when Sir Edmund Hillary climbed it in 1953:

EneMan 200601_1

I'm guessing that costume must be pretty warm, otherwise EneMan's contents would freeze, and he would no longer be useful for his intended purpose. Of course, I'd hate to consider using him for his intended purpose with ice cold contents.

In any case, as we proceed through the year, you'll see just how deeply involved EneMan has been in our history. I bet you never suspected!

You know, now that I think about it, in 2006 EneMan's a lot like The Doctor:

On second thought, no he's not. For one things, the Doctor has a much cooler means of transportation, and I have a hard time believing EneMan as a Time Lord. More importantly, no matter how outrageous the Doctor's various incarnations have dressed, none of them has ever dressed up like a giant enema--although, if given the choice, I think I'd rather that the sixth Doctor (the guy with the umbrella) had dressed up like a giant enema. It would have been less of an eyesore than his actual outfit was.

(As an aside, it turns out that the SciFi Channel has purchased the rights to air the first season of the new incarnation of Doctor Who and will be showing the episodes this spring.)

Finally, as always, a record of every appearance of EneMan since the very beginning:

Next month, EneMan gives a nod to our Canadian readers...


  1. I dunno... given how downright grumpy Six was, a costume you could see him coming a mile off in could be seen as A Good Thing.

  2. Re: #6, are you sure that isn't a picture of young Tony Blair? (Later to be PM of GB and GWB's bitch.)
    "Next month, EneMan gives a nod to our Canadian readers..."
    We don't need nods, O Orac, we need fast, fast relief!

  3. Be careful what you ask for...

  4. Slightly off topic. I just got a copy of "new scientist" and it has a little article on the discovery of lots of plant viruses in human fecal matter.

    They weren't sure if the viruses were just concentrated there or if they were multiplying there, but the one virus they discussed was one that causes a disease on chili pepper plants. They said they found little of the virus on fresh peppers in the store but lots of it in hot pepper sauce...

    The not so off topic part is that the scientists involved thought that they might take these viruses (that have RNA?) and put a bit of human pathogen protein into them (transgenically?) and make an oral vaccine (or maybe an enema vaccine?, just speculating) for diseases like measles... I don't remember if they used measles as an example.

    I wonder if the antivaxers could find something wrong with that... yeah, probably.

    I'm thinking Andrew Wakefield should have been looking for the tobacco mosaic virus instead of the measles....


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