Skeptico on Deepak Chopra and EoR on credulous circles

I love it when Skeptico fisks New Ager Supreme Deepak Chopra and his pseudoscientific appeal to other ways of knowing. My favorite part is where he rebuts Chopra's claim about "subtle bodies" that "whatever is invisible has little standing in a materialistic culture where reality is defined by science":
Yes, science has no time for invisible things like radio waves, atoms, MRIs etc. – all things discovered by science incidentally, not by drips like Chopra. Of course, what he means is that science is only interested in things that have a measurable effect – things that can be tested. If something has no measurable effect (for example, this "subtle body" he’s talking about), then it might just as well not exist. So does his "subtle body" have a measurable effect or is it just too damn subtle to measure?

While Orac is in a mood to plug other people's work (perhaps being too lazy today to write some of his own), there's a new skeptical blog in town that I've been meaning to plug for a month or so now. The blog is The Second Sight, and any blogger who can title a series of posts Going Around in Credulous Circles (Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4) or write a post entitled The More Things Change (the Less Homeopathy Does)... (or, for that matter, list his comments as "psychic responses," in the same sort of way that I list mine as "attempts at insolence") is definitely a someone who belongs on my blogroll.


  1. "The Second Sight" is worth seeing. Good arsenal of reason for recharging against the alternatistas and fuzzy logicians. Helpful in tackling a crop-circlist friend recently. Plenty on alternative medicines but will the homeopathists ever concede?

    Also good on the neglected area of equine-related absurdities.


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