I'd be under the table in the first ten minutes

How come I've never heard of this before? It's the 24 Drinking Game. A few examples of what you have to take a drink for:
  • Jack says “You have got to trust me”, take 1 shot– if the emphasis is on “got”, i.e. “You have GOT to trust me”, take an extra shot
  • Jack doesn’t have time to explain, take 1 shot
  • Jack doesn’t have time for this, take 1 shot
  • Jack says “You’ve got to do it”, take 1 shot– if this is followed by “and you’ve got to do it now,” take 2 more
  • Anyone points out something that is “against regulations”, take 1 shot
  • Anyone has got to understand what is at stake here, take 1 shot
  • Satellite coordinates are requested, take 1 shot– if they can’t get the coordinates, take another
I take that back. Like The Commissar, I probably wouldn't last five minutes...

[NOTE: Back to medical/science topics tomorrow, and the Skeptics' Circle will be appearing. Yes, procrastinators still have several hours before the deadline tonight to get their submissions to Sean.]


  1. Orac, Safari Version 2.0.3 (417.8) is having some issues with your font, specifically what I think are accents and other symbols.

  2. How about a shot for every time CTU zooms in on a photograph and INCREASES the resolution of the picture?

  3. Dear God... that's almost as bad as the Spaceballs drinking game (to my knowledge, no one has ever survived past Yogurt's Palace).

    I might make it ten minutes, depending on the nature of the shots.

  4. argy, we'd soon be so drunk we couldn't tell the resolution had gotten better . . .


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