More Saturday morning blog housekeeping

Inspired by the cybersquatting of J. B. Handley a couple of months ago, I finally got off my behind and registered the domain name No, I never got back (J. B. hates me too much ever to do the right thing in that respect, and yes, still redirects traffic to a Site I Will Not Name.) It doesn't much matter anyway. I had been planning on phasing out the "Orac Knows" part of my blog title for a while now, although I will continue to use "Orac Knows" on the sidebar to group my list of favorite past posts.

In any case, I've set to redirect traffic right here to the blog. So, if you change your bookmark to the above URL, as long as the domain remains registered to me, it will always direct you right here to your fix of the finest respectful insolence in the universe. (If you're using a newsfeed aggregator, my feed remains the same.) Finally, if you happen to be a blogger and have me in your blogroll, please keep using the old Blogspot URL I'd hate to see my TTLB Ecosystem rank plummet because of this, you know.

An announcement describing the big changes in this blog that I've been hinting at the last couple of weeks will finally be posted either Monday or Tuesday, and my reasons for registering that domain may become more clear then.


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