Prometheus strikes again

Prometheus strikes again, this time with Part 2 of his series A Field Guide to Quackery and Pseudoscience. It's well worth checking out.


  1. Ah, would have loved to have had either of you at dinner last night as my sister-in-law discussed the detoxification treatment rendered by her "nutritionist" friend. This friend treats cancer patients with radiant heat, then encourages increased intake of organ meats. If the patient can't eat the organ meats she sells them liver that has been encapsulated. Both treatments aimed at "detoxification".
    Rather than try to debunk this, I decided that harmony at the dinner table was more desirable and I kept my mouth shut.
    Both my sister-in-law and her "nutritionist" friend are heavily invested in the Waldorf community (my nephew goes to the local Waldorf school and this nutritionist teaches there.) To me Waldorf is a near cult-like group that has atypical beliefs based on the works of Rudolf Steiner.
    Any familiarity with the Waldorf community and their beliefs?

  2. That is not surprising, considering that the beliefs of Rudolf Steiner.

    There is a "Waldorf Critics" group:


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