The 31st Meeting of the Tangled Bank Society

Join David Winters at Science and Sensibility for the 31st Meeting of the Tangled Bank Society, a gathering of scientific bloggers presenting their findings to their peers:
Welcome to day one of the 31st meeting of the Tangled Bank Society. As you know the Tangled Bank meeting offers a chance for scientists and scientific communicators working in disparate fields to get together and talking about what they are up to, what drives them and what they find interesting Below is a schedule for today's session which is being held in the Winter Lecture Theatre. Each presentation is identified by title which is followed by the author's name and the institution the presenter is representing. As you will note the schedule for today is pretty full so we encourage you to make any comments to presenters in person following their presentation. Enjoy the talks and we hope to see all of you at tomorrow night's banquet!
It's a fine collection of the best science blogging from the last two weeks. My only question is: What's on the schedule for Day #2?


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