Creationism: The pre-conceptual "science"

Danae has been hanging out with too many "intelligent design" creationists, it would seem:



  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...would you believe I actually just came to your site for the express purpose of showing you that cartoon? See? I'd even already copied the file location:

    I thought of you immediately. Well, after I finished laughing, anyway...

  2. I miss Wiley. Don't get him here. Must remember to bookmark and check back. I'm reminded of William James' comment: "A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices."

  3. When I saw the cartoon this morning I thought it was an appropriate comment on homeopathy... and possibly the anti-vaccine loons.


  4. ahistoricality:  Here, for your viewing pleasure, is Non Sequitur in a scan of excellent quality (but no archives available).  More here.

  5. Thanks! I know that I can get most of the comics I miss (Boondocks in on the list) on-line, but I just don't do it often enough. Blogroll additions are in the works, I think.


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