Soylent green is PETA people

Via Unscrewing the Inscrutable, see one of the stranger PETA protests, in which wacky naked PETA people in Rhode Island placed themselves in giant supermarket meat trays with labels like "Flesh" on them, in order to compare eating meat to cannibalism. Fun for the whole family!

Actually, it looks rather dangerous to me. What if they didn't make enough air holes and one of the protestors suffocated?

Unfortunately, PETA is not just about silly street theater. They are about intimidation of their opponents and enemies and their families. For example, yesterday on PETA2's Daily Blog Noah Cooper posted a call to harass Sharon Waller, the wife of the CEO of WetSeal, Joel Waller, by phoning her at home on her birthday. He even posted her home phone number and address. (Scroll to the bottom.)

To extremists like PETA, anything is OK in the name of a righteous cause, I suppose.


  1. For anyone who fancies sampling human flesh without offending/feasting on the PETA people, may I recommend HUFU? (Courtesy of the Museum of Hoaxes, though it is supposedly a real product):

  2. To Serve Man......It's a COOKBOOK!!!

  3. I never heard of the Eathufu site before. It has to be a hoax...

  4. Orac, one would think it was a hoax, wouldn't one? OTOH, Alex at the Museum of Hoaxes has been being threatened with legal action for suggesting that the idea of Human-Flavoured Tofu lacks credibility, so I'd be careful what you say...:)

  5. Eathufu sounds like a PETA thing to me. Maybe some weird protest against meat substitutes? The PETA leadership has twisted priorities sometimes.

    Here's the tipoff, from one of the blog posts:

    "Oh, sure, I'd see the PETA people handing out flyers about clubbing baby seals, but I'd never even bother reading what they said. (I assume PETA is a tour operator that offers adventure tours, doing cool stuff like going to participate in the baby seal hunt, but I could never afford that kind of vacation. I bet a week up in Canada going on the hunt runs into the thousands of dollars, and I just didn't have that kind of money.)"

    Yeah, like he had no idea what PETA was. Sorry, that doesn't pass my bullsh** sensors. This is someone from PETA (or some similar militant vegetarian org) trying to write like a "flesh-eater" and doing a bad job of it.

    PETA can be as bad as the NRA. Both orgs have ostensibly reasonable purposes, but their leadership is seriously twisted.


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