Checking the referral logs on Sitemeter can sometimes yield the strangest things. For example, it never ceases to amaze me what kinds of searches lead to referrals to this blog. Yesterday, someone searched Altavista for "man to man enemas." In the results of this search was my post about the Orange Man, the story of a patient I encountered during my residency who chose the Gerson therapy (which involves coffee enemas and megadoses of carrots) over surgery for his rectal cancer, with tragic results.

The same search also turned up this link.

Somehow, I suspect that neither of these results were what the person doing the search for "man to man enemas" had in mind. However, I do hope that my post did manage to educate him on the ineffectiveness of coffee enemas and megadoses of carrots as a treatment for colorectal cancer and that the other link amused him with its description of the travails of giving a cat an enema.


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