A creationist response to antibiotic resistance?

Here's an amusing take on how creationists might deal with the phenomenon of antibiotic resistance. After all, blaming bacterial resistance to antibiotics on something like evolution by natural selection (the selective agent being the antibiotic, of course) just won't do, will it? Instead, better to let the Creationist Patrol deal with it...

(Via Pharyngula.)


  1. For some reason that reminded me of this, but don't ask me why ....


  2. Wow, it just occurred to me---why I have a Ph.D.! I should be writing science articles. Since I'm a historian it never crossed my mind! What a fool I was! How cruelly limiting that decision was to myself and to the wider world. After all, reading a number of these "creationist" and "intelligent design" pieces whose authors all proudly append "Ph.D." to their names made me realize something: my lack of any scientific information past the undergraduate level is not a hinderance at all in this brave new field!

    I think that daily the world gets collectively stupider...

  3. Go for it, dude. You could hardly do worse than the historian Professor Rubinstein!


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