Wouldn't it be cool?

Wouldn't it be cool if blogging were really like this?

Of course, if it really were like that, Orac has to wonder: If and when Respectful Insolence ever reaches 1,000,000 hits, who would his blogging death match opponent be? An altie? (This is what an altie is.) An "intelligent design" creationist? For those of you out there with blogs, if and when you ever reach 1,000,000 hits, who would your death match opponent be?

I guess I'll have to wait. It looks like it'll be quite a long time before this blog reaches that milestone, a little less than five years at the present rate...


  1. Um, a socialistic head of a nursing union would be my death match opponent.

  2. Nate: Cool.

    BTW, I just thought of another potential death match opponent: Vox Day.

    Unfortunately for the possibility of this fantasy match, though, Vox will reach 1,000,000 hits well before I do--as in sometime within the next month.


  3. Seeing how I just spend my time READING the blogs to not try and get my own (sorry, it would be too boring... kids, medical appointments for kids, sniping at anti-vax loons, healthfraud and such).

    I would like to point you over to Candorville... http://www.comics.com/wash/candorville/archive/candorville-20050510.html ... Sprinkled through the month that Comics.com has it online is the adventure of writer who blogs.


  4. Annonymous ...that's about all my blog has on it ... kids ... doctor appointments ... sniping at anti vaccine people .... and people visit it ... go ahead ..make a blog ... it's fun! It's healthy ... it's addicting ... you'd be surprised how much you have to say that people will read!

    Everybody has a story to tell ... and everybody has something to offer others. I think that's what makes blogging so successful ...


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