Oh great, more "Darwinbots"

In the brief period of time since I discovered her pro-"intelligent design" (ID) creationism blog, Denyse O'Leary has never failed to disappoint me when it comes to her sarcasm about "Darwinists." I don't know if she or someone else coined the term "Darwinbots" to describe those who got involved in letter-writing campaigns and helped put political pressure on the Smithsonian for its agreeing to host a pro-ID film, but she certainly seems to like the term. Now, she lays it on even thicker:
Some persons have said that it is unkind of me to refer to those who assailed the Smithsonian about the showing of Privileged Planet there — without ever having seen it or intending to see it themselves— as “Darwinbots.”

On the contrary, I am making the kindest assumption I can, namely that they cannot help their behaviour. I have certainly heard ruder names applied to that sort of behaviour ...

"They cannot help their behavior"? And ID advocates claim that scientists are condescending towards them!

Also amusing is her blatant shilling at the end of several of her posts to "buy my book" (a book on "intelligent design," of course).

(Via Red State Rabble.)


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