Triumph takes on Michael Jackson fans

It is Sunday, and I feel like taking a break from vaccine blogging. As I have five kids in my house right now who aren't normally here, I won't have time to look at all your comments until this evening sometime (and I already see there are about 15-20 more than the last time I checked). In the meantime, never let it be said I don't try to provide entertainment...

A couple of weeks ago, I happened actually to be up late on a weeknight (which, barring surgical emergencies needing my attention or grant deadlines, doesn't happen that often anymore). Given that I like Conan O'Brien, I naturally flipped it on as background, and came across my favorite insult comic dog, Triumph, taking on Michael Jackson supporters outside his trial in his usual fashion. It was hilarious. And now it's on the web, right here. Enjoy.


  1. Hilarious.
    Especially the impersonator.

  2. Sort of a synchronicity thing here, what with all the ASD (i.e. vax) topics here lately, I am going out-on-a-limb here to hazard a guess that MJ just may be AS/HFA. I see many traits and have met him. Just an observation -- and something I really don't want to explore further.


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