Grand Rounds XXXVIII

Grand Rounds XXXVIII has been posted at Red State Moron. More of the best stuff from the medical blogosphere. I have to guess that the name "Red State Moron" is intended ironically, because no moron could tie together so many posts so well...


  1. Ahem. OK, I've known some good surgeons. Been on the receiving end way too often.

    But, I do believe that hours should be limited. 80 a week is excessive. Even if its not all cutting (rather filling out forms, paying malpractice premiums, golfing, er.. consulting etc etc.)

    When I worked flight testing with the USAF, pilots were required after 12 hours to quit flying. We'd land the aircraft if we had to. Usually would schedule it so it wouldn't be that long.

    Consider, look at hospital admissions for medical misadventures (also known as medical errors, complications, fill in any other word). Something went wrong. Granted surgeons are toughest on each other, but shorter work weeks, means employment for more surgeons.

    Maybe less errors. Or did you all vote for wait, that was the surgical proctologists. Wrong blog.....


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