More on Kylie Minogue and "energy healing"

Anthony Cox, of Black Triangle, has posted more on Kylie Minogue's choice to use an "energy healer" to help her with her breast cancer. I had no idea how loony this "healer" (Alla Svirinskaya) is. Her claims are:
If the patient is well, she says, she can feel their energy loud and clear. If they are ill, their energy feels like a badly-tuned radio. During treatment many patients report a tingling sensation, a hot or cold wave, or a magnetic pull. Everyone, according to Svirinskaya, feels a sense of relaxation. By adjusting a person’s aura, she says that she can harmonise their energy. She claims this improves blood circulation in the affected organ and increases blood-oxygen levels. She even claims that she can detect ulcers, thyroid problems, disc and joint disintegration, the early stages of cancer, and psychosomatic illness.
Ooh boy. It's a good thing Minogue isn't giving up her conventional therapy for this quackery.


  1. Yes but thank goodness she is going the alternative route as well. Conventional medicine is not enough. If you understood how the energy system of our bodies worked then you wouldn't dismiss this as quackery.

  2. Perhaps someone can explain to me how the "energy system" of our bodies works and provide me the evidence that supports it.


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