Wow, and I thought I was annoyed at Bill Frist

But my annoyance about his playing politics with the Terri Schiavo case is nothing compared to that of RangelMD, who calls for the State of Tennessee either to revoke or suspend his medical license for his rendering a medical opinion on Schiavo's state without ever having actually examined her and using the authority of being a physician to persuade Congress to pass an ill-advised law allowing the Schiavo's parents to bypass Florida State courts and go straight to Federal courts.

He has a point, though. Frist was shamelessly playing on the fact that he is a surgeon to play politics with a tragic case. Although it probably doesn't rise to the level of an offense worthy of the revocation of his medical licensure, his behavior in the Schiavo controversy (among other things) makes me hope that Frist never gets close to the Presidency.


  1. I think I actually shivered when I recently heard him say in an interview that he may go back to practicing medicine after leaving Congress.


  2. Doesn't that sort of thing depend on the rules of his licencing body? In Canada the College of Physicians and Surgeons in each province have their own sets of rules around what is an offence worth of licence revocation.

    If the licencing authority that holds Frist's licence deems that he has broken a rule worthy of licence revocation then register the complaint and let the system do its thing.

    In my experience, the offence has to be of a 'gross negligence causing disfigurement or death' sort of thing to get your licence yanked on the first offence.

    On a personal level, I would not loose any sleep over banning such an asshat from practicing medicine just based on his general level of sleaze corruption alone.

    Surgeons should not leave trails of slime in their paths, it just doesn't seem sanitary, (in my humble opinion).

  3. "I did not have diagnosis with that woman."
    - Bill Frist

  4. Frist has shown a lot of signs of being out of medicine too long to go back to it without serious retraining. The "partial birth abortion" bill is another example besides the Schiavo misstatements. Whatever one's opinions on abortion, the bill was a mess. It was poorly written and contained a number of blatant misstatements about pregnancy and abortion. Any doctor should have known better than to write such crap. Maybe Frist's license should be withdrawn because he's obviously forgotten too much about medicine since he has had to spend all his time on politics.

  5. Wasn't he a cardiac surgeon? That's a very technical specialty that requires a lot of practice. It's not something you can just drop for several years and then come back to without some serious refresher training. Heck, as a general surgeon and surgical oncologist, when I was in the lab for a while (a much shorter time than Frist has been in the Senate), I found it difficult to come back to operating, and it took me a while to get up to speed. And I wasn't putting people on and off cardiac bypass and sewing 5 mm blood vessels to each other, as cardiac surgeons do, nor was I managing the cardiac parameters of unstable patients in the ICU.

  6. "Frist has shown a lot of signs of being out of medicine too long to go back to it without serious retraining. The "partial birth abortion" bill is another example besides the Schiavo misstatements."

    Not even to mention the bit about AIDS being transmitted by sweat and tears. I wouldn't let that clown give me an aspirin, personally.

  7. Yeah, his remarks about not knowing if sweat etc. spreads HIV and AIDS causes me to haev serious doubts in his medical proficiency.


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