Oh yeah! I just finished watching the NBA Finals, and my hometown team the Detroit Pistons have just utterly annihilated the San Antonio Spurs 102-71, tying the series at 2-2.


  1. Who woulda thought? I'm partial to the Spurs, myself, they being the geographically closest team to Austin.


  2. Someone on ESPN suggested this morning that the NBA should play a series for third place with the two conference finals losers squaring off in a best of seven. I bet a Suns-Heat series (even though they'd be playing for nothing) would get better ratings than the wrestling match disquised as a basketball game that ABC is currently showing.

    Judging by the way the refs are calling this series, not only is the hand part of the ball, but so is the arm, shoulder, chest, back, face, and legs.

  3. What goes up must come down and the Pistons are going down after that miracle shot of Horry's. Billups is something else though. Besides Duncan, he's clearly the best player on the floor.

  4. Unfortunately, this time you appear to be correct, although the game was very close. Now the Pistons have to take two in San Antonio. Very unlikely.


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