Another smackdown to be savored

Heh. For any who've been watching Paul at Wizbang make the huge mistake of taking on PZ (of Pharyngula), andy (of The World Wide Rant) and DarkSyde (of Unscrewing the Inscrutable) on evolution, you should check it out now. Another enjoyable smackdown. Not surprisingly, Paul's just digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole. His closing of the old threads on evolution and the opening up of a new one with his "rules" for how it will be conducted and his deleting of comments he doesn't like won't save him, nor will his dissing of PZ.

Maybe he realizes what a hole he has dug himself into. Quoth he: "This is the last evolution post for a few weeks, they wear me out."

Either that, or Paul's finally realizing his mistake. He just won't admit it.


  1. Ugh... It's just painful to watch that kind of stubborn, tangential squabbling. I don't know how PZ has the patience for that. I don't think Paul's realizing much at all, unfortunately.


  2. Yeah, I could never understand such monumental arrogance. Although I'm an expert in a specific area of surgery and in molecular biology, I would be much more circumspect arguing something outside my realm of expertise than Paul is. You'll note that, even though I do have a lot of knowledge about evolution (certainly way more than Paul does)(, it is not nearly as extensive as that of someone like PZ, who teaches biology, genetics, and evolution.

    Similarly, I wouldn't make such arrogant pronouncements about the law or try to insult lawyers who might take me to task about an opinion I voiced on the law.


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