Weekend fluff, part 8

Blogging will be light or nonexistent until Tuesday, when I host Grand Rounds. (Medbloggers: Have you sent in your submission yet? Well, what are you waiting for?)

However, that never stopped me from taking five or ten minutes to post a little weekend linkage fluff, while seeking inspiration about how to construct this week's Grand Rounds:
  1. Here's an amusing photoblog that specializes in catching public figures in mid-blink.
  2. Go Fug Yourself!
  3. Here's a site that claims to have gathered actual quotes from high school history reports written by students. If these quotes are legit, it does confirm my belief that most Americans have a screwed-up understanding of history. On the other hand, it could just be an urban legend or a typical Internet joke.
  4. Want some beautiful photos? Go here.
  5. Time to head to Daytona Beach.
  6. Mullets rule.
  7. Even as a center-conservative type (or maybe because I am a center-conservative type), I have to admit that Republican Jesus cuts close to the bone and has done so for a while now.


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