Curse you, Blogger! Part II: At least the Skeptics' Circle is up!

Blogger is really irritating me today again. During my brief lunch break at clinic, I had hoped to run up to my office and post a brief plug for the Skeptics Circle, the latest edition of which was posted this morning, but Blogger wouldn't let me do it in the brief time I had. It kept trying to load and never quite made it.

After having immersed myself in the credulousness that made up too much of the Science and Christianity Showcase, I needed a dose of critical thinking and good old-fashioned skepticism, and I needed it bad. Fortunately, the Two Percent Company had just what I needed and wanted, having compiled an excellent Fourth Skeptics' Circle. In fact, to prime the pump and fire up their readers for the skeptical blogging that was to appear today, the boys at the Two Percent Company even dedicated this entire week to a multipart debunking of the "psychic" Allison DuBois!

How's that for service?

Well, what are you waiting for? Go check it out!

(Now, let's see if Blogger lets me post this. If you don't see any activity on this blog for a couple of days, you'll know it's because I've gotten so fed up with Blogger that I had to take a break or risk trashing my computer in a fit of frustration.)


  1. No comments about Blogger (except - bite the bullet & get broadband), but a huge thank you for your excellent blog: I've had a very happy couple of weeks browsing the archives, blinking confusedly over the medical technology, and enjoying the wit & incisive commentary (of course, what would I expect from a surgeon).

  2. Thanks for your compliment. Also, I already have broadband. It's definitely not a connection speed issue...


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