Cartoonists on Schiavo

I've resisted the urge to blog on Terri Schiavo thus far. Although I've always supported patient autonomy and the right to pull the plug, I've also always been uncomfortable with dehydration and starvation as the means of "pulling the plug." I don't know if I would have made the same decision as her husband. I don't know whether, like the parents, denial would lead me to continue to hold out hope, no matter how much the objective evidence indicates that there is no hope of significant neurologic recovery. They have my sympathies, and I have a hard time blaming them for pursuing their quest to keep their daughter alive, even though I think it's misguided.

However, regardless of one's position on the Schiavo case, it doesn't take much to realize that the the political gamesmanship going on over her plight is utterly disgusting. I think Pat Oliphant gets it pretty close to correct here...


But Tom Toles nails it right on the head here...


As does Jeff Danziger here...



  1. What is truly hypocritical of Bush is that he signed a law in Texas which allows the removal of life sustaining medical equipment over the objections of a parent if the patient is indigent. When Larry King heard that on his show last night, I thought he would jump out of his seat. There is even more irony in the fact that this case arose in Florida, which has a Bush running it, and the law was signed by Bush II. When they were both governors, they teamed up to have the most death penalty executions in the US.

  2. Why is everyone so quick to say that Terri's parents are in denial? I've yet to hear either one say they want to keep Terri alive, in hopes of a recovery of any sort.
    They want to keep her alive..because they love her, accept her as she is, and don't want to be without her.
    The presumption that they live in a fantasy land thinking that no matter how long it takes, they believe she'll 'get better' with time, is just....wrong.


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