Grand Rounds XXIII

Grand Rounds XXIII has been posted at Intueri. Maria has served up a tantalizing menu of dishes made from the finest medical blogosphere ingredients by the finest blogging chefs, full of delectable morsels of blogging goodness. (Damn. I wish I had thought of the format she used, as it will be my turn to host Grand Rounds two weeks from now. Excellent work, Maria!)

And, for those of you who have found their way here via Grand Rounds, if you like blog carnivals, The Skeptics' Circle is coming up this Thursday at Rhosgobel: Radagast's Home. The Skeptics' Circle is a biweekly carnival for bloggers who apply critical thought to questionable stories. Subjects include frequently repeated urban legends, quackery, pseudoscience, misinterpreted or denied history, analyses of misleading media, and any other articles or essays that fight misinformation with facts. I hosted it two weeks ago (using a creative format to organize the posts that was different from, but--I hope--as entertaining to the reader as Maria's) and St. Nate did the very heavy lifting of putting together the inaugural edition four weeks ago.

The deadline for submissions is tomorrow. Send Radagast your best skeptical blogging before 11 PM PST tomorrow night and help make this the best Skeptics' Circle yet!


I just found out that the very first Carnival of Bad History has been posted at archy. It's a blog carnival in which examples of poor historical understanding or of the misuse of history are dissected and bisected. As such, it could be viewed as a specialized version of The Skeptics' Circle tightly focused on pseudohistory.


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