Less than four days until Grand Rounds XXV

I've already plugged The Skeptics' Circle, even though I'm not even hosting it. Then, last night it occurred to me that I should be much more concerned--at least this week--with the blog carnival I am hosting rather than the one that I'm not, particularly since there are less than four days until Grand Rounds XXV is scheduled to appear at Respectful Insolence on Tuesday, March 15. Given that the weekend is almost upon us, I thought that this would be a good time to put out a second call to the medical blogosphere for submissions, knowing as I do (mainly because I've been a frequent contributor to Grand Rounds since I first discovered it a couple of months ago) that many, if not most, contributors probably don't even think about what to submit to Grand Rounds until the weekend before the deadline, meaning that a strategically timed reminder can't hurt.


Please send your submissions to me at orac_usa AT hotmail DOT com. The deadline will be Monday, March 14, at 9 PM EST (mainly because I want to post this puppy by the early morning hours and then get some sleep). Please include the words "Grand Rounds" in the Subject: header of your e-mail. Because of what has happened with another carnival because of an overly sensitive spam filter, I will acknowledge all submissions with an e-mail; if you don't get an acknowledgment within a day or so, please e-mail me again or leave a comment here for me to contact you.

I'm really hoping to make Grand Rounds XXV a great one, but I don't have a prayer of succeeding without you and your best medical blogging.


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