Friday shuffle on Saturday

Most other bloggers do this particular meme on Fridays. Not Orac. Orac does it on (most) Saturdays. Why? Because Orac feels like doing it that way. Sometimes he even does it on Friday, just like most others.

In any case, to do this meme, all you have to do is to take iTunes (or your MP3 software of choice), select your entire music library, set it to play on random or shuffle play, and then list the first ten songs that get played. This morning, mine was as follows:
  1. David Bowie, Conversation Piece
  2. Simon & Garfunkel, I Am A Rock
  3. Kansas, Magnum Opus
  4. Johnny Cash, Oh, What A Dream
  5. Low, On The Edge Of
  6. Rancid, 1998
  7. Elton John, I Can't Keep This From You
  8. Violent Femmes, Nightmares
  9. Frank Sinatra, Dancing in the Dark
  10. Ministry, The Land of Rape and Honey
Hmmm. A rather odd compilation. I'm particularly intrigued by the sandwiching of a Sinatra song between a Violent Femmes song and a Ministry song. Oddly enough, it seemed to work OK.


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