Maher redux

This will be the last I mention this for a while, after my last post. I promise. Really, I do (unless, of course, something new comes up that gives me a new angle).

Oddly enough, I was flipping through radio stations on Monday and I noticed the right-wing talkers ranting about the very same Real Time with Bill Maher show I had criticized for Maher's idiotic statements about vaccines and Pasteur. But they were doing it for a very different reason. They were all in a lather because, in the same show, Maher apparently sucked up to Ward Churchill, he of the "chickens coming home to roost" post-9/11 fame. The clips they played were rather embarrassing--to Maher. For example, Maher sympathized with Ward Churchill about being "taken out of context." (The problem for Ward Churchill was that he was taken in context. Indeed, having read his entire essay, I don't see how labeling the employees in the World Trade Center as "little Eichmanns" could be less damning in context.) It reminds me. I've been meaning to do a little comparison between Churchill's writings and a little article to which it sounded eerily similar, one that my readers may not be as familiar with (although my old fellow travellers on alt.revisionism will probably figure out which infamous post I'm referring to). I'll try to get to it later this week; I just have to dig the text file containing the original article out of my archives. I hadn't done it yet because I thought the whole Ward Churchill thing was so over. But maybe it's not, at least not yet.


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