Tangled Bank XXIV is here

It's amazing how fast two weeks have gone by. It's already time for the 24th edition of the Tangled Bank, this time hosted by Syaffolee. Once more, great scientific blogging is all gathered into one place for your edification. Enjoy!

Once you've finished being edified and enlightened by Syaffolee's fine compendium of the best of the science blogosphere from the last two weeks, consider this: Believe it or not, I'm hosting the next edition, two weeks from now, on April 6. (Man, time really flies!) Somehow, I seem to have acquired a reputation for creative (or bizarre--you be the judge) ways of hosting other blog carnivals, as seen when I hosted the Second Skeptics' Circle in February and Grand Rounds XXV just last week. I really can't imagine why I might have gotten such a reputation...

The question is, can I possibly top my last two hosting gigs? Am I out of ideas? Will I resort to Tolkienesque meanderings? Or will I opt for a more conventional blog carnival approach? Who knows? In fact, as of this moment, I don't even know myself. There's only one way to find out, though. First, you can help me by submitting the best of your science blogging to orac_usa AT hotmail DOT com or host@tangledbank.net by 9 PM EDST, Tuesday, April 5. (Yes, time's going by so fast that we'll actually be on Daylight Savings Time by then.) The better the blogging that's submitted, the more it'll get my creative juices flowing, you know. Second, you can join me on April 6 for Tangled Bank XXV, where I hope to continue the Tangled Bank's tradition of presenting only the best science blogging, as exemplified by this week's edition.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Holy cow! A blog dedicated to the celebration of conformity. I must run and tell Galileo of this discovery. I'll be back ... if I can borrow the requisit tall, bear skin hat from my neighbour, Fred Flintstone.

  3. What a peculiar comment from Herbinator - aka 'Healer J. Mark Taylor, Medical Herbalist', apparently.

    Look out, Orac, you've a new spammer.

  4. I don't think so. Tomorrow's post will show the Herbinator that he's gotten more than he's bargained for...


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