Last call for skeptics!

It just occurred to me a few minutes ago. In all my concern about putting together Grand Rounds, I forgot about my other favorite blog carnival, The Skeptics' Circle, which I myself hosted a month ago. But it's almost here; the fourth Skeptics' Circle is slated to appear at The Two Percent Company tomorrow! The Amazing Randi has taken notice of this carnival, guaranteeing that the profile of the Skeptics' Circle in the blogosphere will continue to rise.

Given that, I thought I'd take this opportunity to utilize the tail end of the huge traffic spike I got for Grand Rounds (generated by Instapundit, Dean Esmay, Accidental Verbosity, and most of the medical blogosphere) to plug the Skeptics' Circle. So, if you're a blogger and like to flaunt your critical thinking skills, get your best skeptical blogging submitted by 11 PM EST--and then join us for the Skeptics' Circle tomorrow!


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