Friday morning shuffle done on Saturday

It occurred to me that I haven't done this blogger meme in a while, but people seem to do it usually on Friday. Well, not Orac. In any case, basically, you take iTunes (or whatever MP3 player you use), set it to shuffle or random play for your entire music library, and then list the first ten songs it plays. Here goes:
  1. Eric Clapton, Love in Vain
  2. The Zombies, Beechwood Park
  3. R. E. M., I Am Superman
  4. Peter Gabriel, Washing of the Water
  5. The White Stripes, Seven Nation Army
  6. The Modern Lovers, Pablo Picasso
  7. The Ohio Players, Fire
  8. John Mellencamp, The End of the World
  9. The Beta Band, Dry the Rain
  10. Queen, Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
Interesting mix. Perhaps iTunes is reminding me to listen to the Zombies. Odessey and Oracle is their greatest album, a true 1960's psychedelic, man...


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