The smackdown continues


I thought Paul at Wizbang had finally realized how deep the hole he had dug for himself was.

I was wrong.

Just when I thought he couldn't spout more pseudoscientific rationalizations for his ignorant position on evolution, he goes and does himself one better!

PZ has once again administered a righteous smackdown; so I don't think I need to add much other than a fervent plea to Paul: Please stop. Your posts on evolution have become a slow motion train wreck, and the more you post the more you embarrass yourself. It's becoming painful to watch, much as it's painful to watch an obviously overmatched fighter who refuses to give up get the crap kicked out of him.

UPDATE: Now the Politburo Diktat has joined in the fun, administering yet another smackdown to poor Paul.


  1. I originally thought that Paul was just poorly educated and didn't understand what inferences were appropriate given the various studies he noted. However, I've reconsidered my assessment of him. I'm now convinced that he in fact an idiot that has a hard time reasoning in general.

  2. I may be a sadist - I rather enjoyed watching him get smacked around.

    But I have to disagree that he's an idiot: his writing shows the hallmarks of deliberate falsity, rather than purblind foolishness, and I would hypothesize that it is underpinned by money rather than faith (YMMV)

  3. Apparently Paul and the whole Wizbang crew are now claiming that the whole thing was an April Fool's Day joke.

    If it was a joke, it was a lame one that left Paul looking like a total idiot. Paul seemed too eager to fan the flames and sound proud of scientific ignorance. I hope the joke was worth the hit his credibility took.

    So, was it really a big April Fool's joke, or was this just a convenient way for Paul to back down and save face? I don't know and have no way of knowing, but, given the gusto with which Paul attacked those who tried to set him straight on evolution I have a sneaking suspicion that it was the latter.

  4. Orac, it was all planned ahead, and there's a piece of very incriminating evidence that I accidentally left behind. Check the ID tags of Paul's "Quantifying" piece, Kevin's firing, and my "Shell Shock." We fiddled with the time stamps, but not the ID numbers. So you end up with Paul's piece being # 5552, Kevin's # 5553, and my "shocked speechless" # 5545 -- indicating it was written well before the pieces it was "reacting" to.

    Kevin tipped me off to the whole plan Wednesday or Thursday, and I started preparing my "reaction" immediately. I just happened to put it on Wizbang in "Draft" format before they got around to actually filing their pieces. None of us thought until after the fact to check the posting numbers, when Kevin spotted it.

    Hey, at least you got to see Paul smacked around thoroughly for a couple hours...


    (Jay Tea of

  5. That's unfortunate. Paul was so enthusiastic in trashing evolutionary theory and so abusive to those who took him to task, not to mention his deleting comments, that I have to wonder if he didn't really believe what he was saying, particularly coupled with other posts he made long ago.


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