The most nauseating article on the Schiavo case I have yet seen here. That this guy (Joseph Farah) has the gall to write such tripe on Good Friday is truly nauseating.

Even back when I was a lot more religious than I am now, I would have found his Jesus-Schiavo comparison offensive. In fact, I probably would have found it even more offensive than I do now, because he is comparing a woman in a persistent vegetative state with the Savior. I'm still rather uncomfortable about the means of pulling the plug in this case, because dehydration is such a protracted way to die, but I've slowly and reluctantly come to the conclusion that personal liberty is the main issue here and that, if Mrs. Schiavo truly did say that she didn't want extraordinary means used to keep her alive in such a state with no hope of improvement, then that is that. Her wishes should prevail.

But let's address this on Joseph Farah's own religious terms. I can't help but point out that, if we are to take his own comparison (such as it is) to its logical end using Christian beliefs and doctrine, then we have to point out to him that he conveniently forgot one rather big point. Jesus accepted his fate because it was ordained by God. Jesus didn't want to be "saved" from the cross. Whether or not you believe that Terri Schiavo's fate was ordained by God, courts over the course of more than a decade have looked at the evidence and found that Mrs. Schiavo never would have wanted to live the way she is living now and would have preferred to be allowed to die. So, on those terms, you could probably say that she, too, "accepted" her fate 15 years ago and that her being allowed to die is the culmination of what she accepted.


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