One week to go

It's hard to believe, but there's less than one week to go until the fourth installment of the Skeptics' Circle, the biweekly blog carnival in which bloggers get to strut their stuff as far as their critical thinking skills go, answering myth with fact, countering pseudoscience with evidence, and quackery with science. This time it's being hosted at the Two Percent Company. Their call for submissions is here, and the deadline is Wednesday, March 16, at 11 PM EST. With the weekend fast approaching, perhaps my fellow bloggers will consider using the weekend to write up some good skeptical blogging to submit to the Two Percent Company next week. If you're not familiar with the Skeptics' Circle, in a way I'm a bit envious, because you have some fine blogging to experience for the first time. Check out the first, second, and third editions of the Skeptics' Circle for inspiration and examples of how it's done (not to mention for the education and entertainment value, as well). And, if you want to host someday, contact St. Nate, and he'll get you on the schedule of upcoming hosts.


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